Welcome to Media.link Communications Limited, a leader in the field of media communications in Malta.

Our company integrates a variety of products and services: NET Television, Radio 101, Il-Mument, In-Nazzjon, MaltaRightNow.com, PING Telephony, PIN Publications and Informa Library.

As the principal media communications company we strive to provide the Maltese population with a constant flow of up-to-date information.

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NET Television has been on air since 1998. The station has established itself as one of the top local stations thanks to a team of creative and dynamic personnel, producers and presenters. The programming mix is heavily biased towards local programmes. News, current affairs, sports, information, entertainment, comedy, drama and children’s programmes combine to create NET Television’s assorted schedule. NET Television can also be streamed online from live.pn.org.mt.

Radio 101 is one of the most popular Radio Stations in Malta and has been transmitting since 1991. As part of the company’s marketing strategy, Radio 101 on its 10th Anniversary in 2001, launched its new logo and jingle in line with modern trends. Radio 101 transmits on a 24-hours basis. The station broadcasts a mix of lifestyle, current affairs, music, sport and cultural programs, in the Maltese language by a well established team of presenters and DJs. Radio 101 also broadcasts news updates on the hour with the latest reports, in-depth analysis and people’s opinion about the main current affairs. Radio 101 can also be streamed online from live.pn.org.mt.
Il-Mument is the Sunday Newspaper published by Media.link Communications. It was first published in February 1972 and achieved popularity instantly. Il-Mument was recently re-designed, and its content enhanced. As a weekly paper, it always carried an in-depth analysis of local and foreign news with special emphasis on the local political scene. Apart from news analysis, Il-Mument now also includes two supplements, Collage and Fil-Mument. Collage features 14 pages of light reading. Fil-Mument, which is mainly commercial, includes music, cinema and television reviews as well as gossip pages. Il-Mument also includes pages dedicated to Sports, featuring sports news, results and photos accompanied by articles and interviews about all the sports events happening locally and abroad.

In October 2002, Media.link Communications launched a new magazine called Life & Style, inserted with its Sunday newspaper. Life & Style offers articles of general interest. The design and quality of the magazine was also eventually revamped, adopting a fresher and more contemporary look.

In-Nazzjon is Media.link Communications’ daily newspaper in Maltese focusing on news, sports and current affairs. It also offers in-depth articles and supplements on various subjects of interest to the readers. In-Nazzjon’s editorial line favours political stability for Malta, solidarity and the social market economy, and emphasises on education and protection of the environment. Apart from this editorial line, In-Nazzjon publishes in-depth commentaries about local and foreign politics, economics and current affairs. Ever since the first issue of In-Nazzjon appeared on newsstands in 1970, it has established a tradition of breaking news and in-depth articles, well appreciated by the Maltese Public.

In-Nazzjon is the end product of a professional newsroom made up of some of the most skilled journalists on the island, enthusiastic sports and features departments, experienced contributors, together with a number of the best Maltese press photographers.


MaltaRightNow.com is Media.link Communications’ latest news service to date. Through this medium, internet users may keep themselves up-to-date with information instantaneously.

MaltaRightNow.com does not only include local and international news updates, but also covers sports, entertainment, finance, opinion, culture and a host of other features. Moreover, users may choose to view the latest issue of the magazine Life & Style, participate in the online voting poll or even click into all the other websites related to the different services offered by Media.link Communications.

Being an interactive medium, MaltaRightNow.com allows anyone wishing to give feedback, make a request or communicate with a specific department for any reason, to do so easily.

Like every other news service, MaltaRightNow.com benefits from the expertise and support of the Media.link Communications Newsroom.

  The publication house under the name PIN was founded in 1989, with the mission of offering local publications of high literary, scientific and cultural value. The leading objective of PIN is to publish books, especially those with Christian Democratic ideals, as well as literature that investigates other local areas, namely Maltese literature, history, biographies, our folklore, social issues and also volumes for children. Another task is to help Maltese authors to publish their works.

PIN’s first publication was Ġorġ Borg Olivier mill-Qrib, published in September 1989. This publication describes the life of Ġorġ Borg Olivier, who was the Nationalist Prime Minister of Malta, when Malta became Independent in 1964. In 1999, it launched the collection entitled Kullana Kulturali. This is a collection which symbolizes the first ever Maltese Encyclopaedia. Through these volumes, PIN gives the Maltese a chance to understand and appreciate their local heritage and culture. The aim of this collection is not only to provide information, that every Maltese should be proud of, but also to trace the developments of Maltese thought, whilst trying to encapsulate as much of our heritage as possible for future and current generations to appreciate and understand. In doing so, PIN is also respecting and conveying the talents of Maltese authors. A first Encyclopaedia for children in Maltese entitled Kullana Kulturali għat-Tfal was also launched.

Informa is a leading source of information on current affairs in Malta. It has been developed to meet the specific demands of a variety of users who need a reliable, fast and efficient information service. The unit was set up in 1983, but many of the periodical and newspapers available date back to the early sixties. By making the most of the improvements in information technology, Informa has created a database that covers local newspapers from 1989 to date. In addition, Informa is also a press cutting agency. The main asset of Informa is the staff’s dedication and ability to accurately understand a client's requirements.

PING is one of the latest mobile telephony companies in Malta. Launched in May 2010, PING serves as an MVNO, that is providing all services like other mobile telephony operators without being directly one. PING offers pre-paid services so that the client can better control his mobile expenditure. PING also offers internet services on mobile.

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